Current litter

E - litter

After almost a year, there are finally new kittens in Kithara's cattery :-)
Venus and John's babies were born on October 22nd, 2023. There are four big and strong kittens. Two boys in black-smoke and black-smoke-white and two tortie girls.

We are really happy about this beautiful litter and first kittens from our wonderful young male John ♥

LeatherAndLace Venus PP
Unsere Katze LeatherAndLace Venus PP
Cankcats John Legend
Unser Kater Cankcats John Legend

Eliza Doolittle

Color: black-tortie-smoke
Gender: female
Status: sold

Enigma PP

Color: black-tortie
Gender: female
Status: sold


Color: black-smoke-white
Gender: male
Status: sold

Edward PP Scissorpaws

Color: black-smoke
Gender: male
Status: sold

This kitten is still looking for a new home!

There are people interested for the kitten, but no deposit has been paid.
Inquiries are therefore still welcome!

There was paid a deposit for the kitten

This kitten has found his new home!