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Sometimes things turn out differently than we think! :-)
Instead of Dulcinea her sister Damayanti is now moved out together with her brother Dandelion. Thus, from our D-litter still Dulcinea and Diamond Dust are looking for a new home!!


Following cats was tested for HCM yesterday:
Ryusei's Hiro by Umoja is HCM, PKD and PL negative, also his hips are looking good!
Also InnSite Jersey, Dam'Aszena vom Schillingsrott and Kithara's Vanity Fair were again testet HCM negative with best results :-)

2nd scan


It has done a lot!
Our young stars "Lisa", "Hiro" and "Toto" you can find now on the youngsters page, Mara has moved to the females page and we have a new litter :-)


Some more cats was tested for HCM today:
Macawi Mosi Ryusei's Notau in age of 3,5 years - (3rd scan) is HCM negative, Kithara's Xiomara and Xonoma (both 13 month old) are HCM, PKD and PL negativ, HD is pending. We are really happy :-)

2nd scan


Today following cats was again tested negative for HCM:
Kithara's Balios (8,5 years - 5th scan), Kithara's Sgt. Pepper (6,5 years - 3rd scan), Kithara´s United Colors (2 years, 2 month - 2nd scan) Kithara´s Waltzing Matilda (1 year, 10 month - 2nd scan).
We are very happy with this results :-)

2nd scan